LIS Education in India: Present Scenario and Future Strategies

Lipika Auditorium,
Visva Bharati, Santiniketan
27-29 Nov. 2018


Hon’ble Vice Chancellor


Prof. Bidyut Chakrabarty

Inaugurator of the Seminar

Former Librarian, National Library, Kolkata

Smt. Kalpana Dasgupta

Chief Guest

Former Director, National Library, Kolkata and Former Professor & Head, Dept. of Botany, VB 

Prof. Sudehndu Mandal

Presiding the inaugural Session

President, IASLIC, Kolkata

Dr. J.N. Satpathi
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Guest of Honour

Retired Professor, NISCAIR

New Delhi

Prof. B. K. Sen

Chief Guest in the Valediction

Dr. Director General, RRRLF Kolkata

Dr. Arun Chakraborty


Three Days of Powerful Talks
27 - 29 Novermebr 2018
09:00 am - 5:00 pm

More than a century has passed since LIS education started in this country. John Macfarlane, the first Librarian of the Imperial Library, introduced in-house training programme for inservice professionals of the library in 1901. In subsequent years, the training programme was opened to the staff of other libraries and even to non-librarians, who were dealing with books and other documents. India has been slow in recognizing the importance of training for library and information workers. However, with the recent growth of library consciousness among the people, the importance of professional training is being recognized for providing quality library/information services. Fortunately, India has made a unique and substantial contribution towards the emergence of library and information science as a full-fledged discipline. The function of a librarian is no more limited to issuing and receiving of books only, he needs to act beyond that; he has much more important role to play. He needs to arouse a real interest and curiosity in the minds of the users for acquiring knowledge; he needs to cultivate the reading habit among them. He should have the capability of fulfilling all types of requirements of the user community. Obviously, unless a person gathers sufficient knowledge and possesses the necessary professional skills, he will not be in a position to serve the users effectively. As the LIS education in the country is fast expanding, ensuring quality of such education has become essential. Though a large number of LIS schools has come up in recent decades, hardly any attention has been paid in many such schools towards developing infrastructure and manpower needed to impart quality education. Hence IASLIC has decided to provide a platform to library and information professionals for discussing future strategies in this regard in its forthcoming national Seminar.


In this context, it is a pleasure to announce that Visva-Bharati Library Network (VBLN) is organizing the IASLIC 28th National Seminar 2018 during November 27 – 29, 2018 at Lipika Auditorium (main venue) Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, West Bengal, India.


About Organiser

The genesis of the library in Visva-Bharati goes back to 1901, with the founding of the Brahmacharya asrama at Santiniketan. Rabindranath emphasized the use of books in the educational development of students. He personally supervised the selection of books, remaining alert to the needs of Santiniketan students and teachers and keeping himself aware of what was being published. When he found any lacunae in the kind of books available, he arranged to have books written and published.

The library at Visva-Bharati grew under his care with help coming from great minds all over the world. With the evolving of Visva-Bharati, Rabindranath toured Europe and America with the intention of collecting funds. He was often given large donations of books from universities, individuals and groups of well wishers. In 1921, Sylvian Levi and his colleagues at Strasbourg gifted a collection of French classics for the library at Santiniketan. In 1925, the Italian Government under Mussolini sent a handsome gift of Italian classics to Visva-Bharati as part of an offer of inter-cultural cooperation. Andree Karpeles would send books of art and periodicals like Studio International to Rabindranath who in turn gave these to the library. While in Japan, he collected a set of the famous Kokka magazine, renowned for its works of art.

The central library has today 413563 volumes of books, around 10,000 users and a daily transaction of 300 books. The library has a number of important collections; mention may be made of the collections of Prabodhchandra Bagchi, Pramatha Choudhuri, Humayun Kabir, Satikumar Chattopadhyay, Lila Ray, Ashok Rudra and Abanindranath Tagore.










Key-note Speaker

Proud to bring inspirational speaker from across the India

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion- Chairperson:

Prof. S. C. Biswas



Prof. N. R. Satyanarayana, Lucknow

Prof. P. R. Goswami

Prof. U.C. Sharma, Agra

Prof. Sanjay Singh, Gauhati University

Prof. Aditya Tripathi, BHU

Prof. Durga Shankar Rath

Prof. Juran Krishna Sarkhel




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